sábado, mayo 27, 2006

Esto no puede ser real


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bYtCh LoOk In Da FuCkIn MiRrOr.... iZ u SeRiOuSly TryNnA taLk ShYT wHeN u LoOkIn LykE dAt... u Iz FaT aNd GrEaZy LoOkIn... u GoT a HoOk NoZe.... a DoUbLe ChIn..... fUcKeD uP eYeBrOwZ... A FuCkiN wOrT oN yO fAcE.... MaN sHyT i CouLd FuCcIn Go On FoEvA..... bYtCh PlZ.... lOoK aT yOsElF aN tHiNk iF u In Da pOsiTiOn 2 B jUdGiNg SoMeBoDY lOoKZ aN gUeSs WhAt no BytCh YoU rEaLlY aInT... WhAt iZ u MaD kUz ObViOuSly u LyKe NiQqAz 2 An u JeAlOuS of AnOtHa ThIcK wHyTe GiRl DaT lOoK bEtTA dEn U iZ dAt It..... u ScUrReD pF cOmPeTiTiOn..... FuCk YoU hOe GEt oFf MaH oVARiEz U pUnK rOcK bEeZy....

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